Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty
This 5 reel, 50 payline includes huge opportunities to win free spin bonuses with feline friendly graphics and huge cash rewards. This game is set against the background of a glitzy new York style skyline that will twinkle as you spin the wheel in this kitty online slot game.

About The Developer
It’s not often you come across a developer of exceptional online slots who started out before the time of the internet - but Aristocrat did just that. Creating innovative games since the early 1950’s, their modern titles are made with decades of experience in classic, entertaining slots and gaming experiences. Active in 90 countries around the world, Aristocrat are industry leaders in gaming innovation.

About The Game
Miss Kitty would put Top Cat to shame. While he’s happy living in slums and pestering the local police force, Miss Kitty is glitzing it up with a glamorous lifestyle of city-living and exceptionally valuable jewelry. Based on one of Aristocrats’ famous traditional slot machines, Miss Kitty has transferred seamlessly to the digital world, where those giant, feline eyes are constantly seeking attention - while the regular wins she delivers means we are always willing to give her what she wants.

In this 5 reel, 50 payline online slot we can play from £0.50 per spin, to £100.00, and we will also get to play with some of the rather lavishly spoiled, Miss Kitty’s favorite toys – the wind-up Mouse, scattering mechanically across the floor of her apartment, and the unlucky Goldfish – circling while he waits for the next time she dips her ponderous paw in his tank. Along with a playful ball of Yarn, a wary Bird, a carton of Milk, and the Scatter – the Moon, which appears on the first 3 reels - Miss Kitty appears in this online game as the Wild.

3 Moons will trigger 10 Free Spins, during which Miss Kitty will become a Sticky Wild Kitty, and remain in place for the rest of the free feature. With no limit on the Sticky Kitties we can accumulate – there is scope for some seriously big wins here. Landing 3 Moons during the Free Spins feature is also a distinct possibility, with every other 3 we land bringing an extra 5 Free Spins.

The more of these we rack up, the more plentiful the Sticky Wilds become, and we are often soon looking at whole reels of Sticky Kitties – even full screens!

The classic feel to this game makes it an engaging title to regularly return too. There’s nothing complex about the gameplay itself, and with its night-time theme it’s a pleasant one to play in the evening, perhaps before a night on the town of our own (although we get the sense that Miss Kitty herself is living it up every night of the week!).

That is, of course, if we haven’t got her stacked up and Sticky on our reels – which is certainly the best way to get to Miss Kittie’s big money prizes.

The Verdict
A classic, made classic again by Aristocrat. Turning this slot into an online game has meant losing none of its charm – and reinventing it for worldwide, online play. The graphics are clear and crisp, the audio and SFX are appropriately playful, and the prizes on offer are substantial. Dream Jackpot are delighted to have the opportunity to play this title on its new format. 9/10.

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 94.94

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