King Kong Cash

Go bananas with King Kong and friends with this 5 reel slot that’s packed full of kooky and fun lines as you venture through Skull Island in search of Kong’s treasure. On each spin there’s always the chance that Kong will awaken and gift you with a surprise online casino bonus win.

About the Developer
The very blueprint of the online gaming industry, ironically flows through the veins of the very
appropriately titled Blueprint Gaming game company. With an extensive list of casino games, Blueprint pride
themselves on creating lasting experiences for many to enjoy. Themed games are their strong-suit
and will continue to be moving forwards with every new release as they begin to carve themselves
a very big part of the online gaming industry.

About the Game
Now don't get your hopes up if you think that this game is anything like the movies, spoiler alert, it’s
not. If anything this game reflects a more Donkey Kong online slot than anything else. This is most
evident from its cartoony graphics and overall theme that is portrayed across the many bright and
colourful reels that permeate through the entire ebb and flow of King Kong Cash. This 5 reel by 20
pay-line slot is brought to you from the good folks at Blueprint Gaming, whom have created quite
the experience if we don't mind saying. Enjoy fun slots that don't take themselves too seriously?
This is most definitely the game for you.

Like many different online slots, King Kong Cash offers the regular offenders, offenders that
include: free spins, wilds, scatters among other others that all add something different to
experiment with as you attempt to win big or go home trying. The maximum this game has to offer
from bonus rounds is as high as 1000x your original bet, which is quite high when you think about it
in the grand scheme of things. King Kong Cash is set in a mirage of cartoony colour that could
make anyone feel a sense of joy at first glance. The mastodon (Kong) himself sits atop his stone
throne as he looks on at you from all his glory and might. It is never explained if you are being
judged or simply spied upon from Kong’s gaze, what we know is that staring is rude but when
you're a king you must get a free pass. The frame of this game is made from what feels like
bamboo which adds to the immersion of the game overall, what Blueprint Gaming have tried to
convey has mostly been a success if you don't mind lots of colour based on a set theme.
In addition to the symbol for King Kong himself (who happens to be the games bonus trigger), you
will want to keep your eyes peeled for a who's who of fine feathered animal creatures that all
feature a different pay-out depending on how many are matched within a winning pay-line. expect
to see parrots, rhinos, alligators and tigers all of whom seem to be rather anthropomorphic, with
some even smoking cigars and wearing human clothing. The wild symbol takes the shape of a
wooden barrel (only adding to those Donkey Kong vibes we mentioned earlier), lower value
symbols do appear in this title, although you will want to be hitting the more creative symbols in
order to get more bang for your buck.

The Verdict
King Kong Cash is a very fun slot that doesn't take itself too seriously from the outset and
throughout. There is very rarely any room for you to doubt what Blueprint Gaming intended to
create in this online slot. This online slot is the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon, one with your
feet propped firmly up from high cash pay-outs. 8/10

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 95.79

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