The Maxiliner is a game of many possibilities - sporting 4 levels in normal mode, and another 4 in HIGH STAKE mode, the game enables the player to up the stakes to suit their style. Starting at BET 10, the initial setup is a 3 reel, 4 row slot which provides that classic experience which everybody loves. However, the player can up the stakes at any time to higher bet levels, each time increasing winlines, reels, paytable outcomes, or all at once - with every level ramping up the thrill! The game's winlines range from 4 to 32, the reels range from 3 to 8 and the paytable outcome can grow up to 1000 credits. Finally, with an RTP of 95% it pays to play online, with the game being one of the higher paying classic slots in the market.

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 95.00

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