Lucky Links

Summary of Lucky Links

Picture yourself in front of a slot machine uk in the middle of an online casino with pulsating lights that illuminates your world. A subtle beat streams from the speakers. When you hit a feature, the excitement builds up, the subtle beat increases in volume, more instrument joins in and all the lights in the casino pulsates with it. This was the vision for Lucky Links. To see more our available classic casino games just  visit us at

About Lucky Links

The stake range is 10p to £250, which means that if you want to start small to coax the game out a bit then you can start really small. Or, if you’re a high roller, you can express yourself in that sense too.

It’s a super low variance and easy to play slot from the pairing of Just for the Win and Microgaming that we have come to know and love. The payouts are low as the symbols don’t pay out a bunch and the jackpot is a shy 352x your stake, although the wins do come fairly regularly. So, if you’re a beginner punter or if you just like a chilled playing experience then this may be the slot game for you.

Plus, you can play Lucky Links at jackpot casino Dream Jackpot, otherwise known as Dreams Casino, on any device including mobile, tablet or desktop computer today.

About Microgaming and Just for the Win - the Pioneers Behind Lucky Links

You may have seen the unlikely pairing of Just for the Win and Microgaming popping up from time to time. You may have also wondered, why are one of the biggest online jackpot casino developers in the world, Microgaming, pairing up with small fries Just for the Win?

Well, that’s because Microgaming have recently begun to develop a very cool habit of pairing up with smaller jackpot casino developers such as Just for the Win in order to bring out the best of them. This has led to some of the best online slot games as well as other casino games going recently, and we hope to see more of their collaborative projects soon.

Playing Lucky Links

The symbols of Lucky Links are made up of the classic casino symbols that you will have seen on brick and mortar slot machines. These include BARs, 7s, diamonds… you know the score.

Each of these symbols represents a different value in terms of how much a combination of them will multiply your stake by. The Lucky Links logo symbol is the most valuable of all of these as it will land 7.5x your stake should you manage to get one on every reel.

Bonus Features and Free Spins in Lucky Links

Not much to report in terms of bonus features for Lucky Links. It’s the kind of game that we wouldn’t really expect bonus features from as is the sleepy and easy going pace of the game. Nothing out of the ordinary, so to speak.

Our Take on this Online Slot

If you like your slots simple, relaxing and easy to play then look no further than Lucky Links. It’s not the most exciting jackpot casino game in the world but it is very satisfying and overall rather enjoyable considering it’s lack of excitement.

You can play Lucky Links at the best jackpot casino, Dreams Casino, as and when you chose.

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Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 96.25

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