The Master Cat

The Master Cat
Good Day, senors and senoritas, I am The Master Cat, the fastest and most feared swordsman in the whole of the feline world. Challenge me to a duel in my 5 reel adventure and if you win you will be granted your stake in the buried treasure. Vamos!

About the Developer
Leander Games are an independent gaming company who strive to deliver nothing but the best and most innovative online video slot games on the market. With a repertoire that boasts some of the finest games in the land you can be sure that your Leander experience will blow any previous gaming ventures you’ve had out the water. As well as The Master Cat, Leander have also developed games like; Aztar Fortunes, Wild Jane, and Apollo: God of the Sun. All games are available on

About the Game
Do not mistake the Master Cat to be your friend. This cunning feline creature is loosely based on the fairytale character Puss-in Boots and certainly looks the part, with his drooping hat, oversized leather boots and a paw that wields a golden sword, fit for only the best swordsman in the land. The Mater Cat is a standard 5 reel, 25 payline video slot game that features a range of symbols, wilds, scatters and bonus rounds.

Throughout your spins, the Master Cat will pounce onto the game board and strike his rapier across the reels to unveil additional symbols and wilds. This is what really separates video slots from the rest; they create an immersive experience that lets you see the physicality of a game character enabling you to build up a more intense relationship with the online slot.

Aesthetically, this game possesses a cartoon like feel. The game board hovers in the hallway of what looks to be an artisanal palace, filled with red carpets and expensive oil paintings of past residents. The lesser valued symbols on the reels are designed with an ornate wooden effect to them. If you’re searching for the higher value symbols of the game then you will find these in the King Wilds, treasure chests, and mouse creature symbol. The Wild symbols substitute for all symbols on the game apart from the bonus symbols, collecting three of these bonus symbols will trigger a triple threat bonus.

The first bonus game that you must complete is the ‘A Hare for the King’ bonus. When you play this additional game you will be presented with a series of silver platters, underneath one of these platters there will be a hare, it’s your job to locate it. Once you’ve unearthed the hare, you can move up the ranks and gain the trust of The Master Cat, locating these animals will also increase your cash balance significantly.

Following this, take a little walk down to the river for the ‘Save the Marquis’ bonus. By now you may have realised that this game possesses somewhat of a royal theme, this being visible across most of the bonus games. Navigate the Kings carriage to the river and save the Marquis from drowning. And now for the feature you’ve been dreaming of, the free spin bonus. If you’re playing in Mouse mode you will be awarded infinite free spins, however in this stage ogre mode can trigger at any moment, but you will be awarded with 8 free spins for your troubles.

The Master Cat has a minimum bet stake of 25 pence and a maximum stake of £125.

The Verdict
The Master Cat is another brilliant game from the developers at Leander, it looks the part and features a wealth of bonus games that will keep you coming back for more and more. Take some time to learn the ropes of this game and you will soon become an expert. This online video slot is a 10/10 game for the masses.

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 95.05

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