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    Dream Jackpot has an amazing collection of Live casinos for you to enjoy on your stay while you’re here. There’s a range of Roulette tables, Blackjack, Ultimate Texas Holdem and Caribbean Stud tables for you to enjoy and play alongside other players from around the world and our friendly live casino dealers.

    What are live casino tables?

    Here at Dream Jackpot we love giving our players added insight into the games they’re playing, the developer behind them and the in-game specifics of how they play. In respect of this Live Casino gambling is perhaps an area of the industry that people may be unfamiliar with or have some hesitations towards. Nevertheless, live casino is very much a huge part of the industry so it’s perhaps a good idea to give you players some insight into how the whole thing works.

    Live Casinos combine the best of both worlds, pairing up the personal touch of being in an actual casino and sitting face to face with the dealer or croupier with actually sitting in the comfort of your own home and playing from there. Usually, the table games you play from home are virtual and you play against the algorithms of the computer, with Live casino your cards and hands are dealt by a dealer who deals in real time with real decks. It’s about as close as you can get to the rea life casino experience without actually being in the casino.

    Dream Jackpot’s Live dealers are available round the clock 24/7 meaning you can play live casino games like blackjack, roulette or many poker variants anytime you feel, anytime of the day. If you have hesitation about playing card games against the computer then this perhaps the area of Dream Jackpot that would benefit you the most.

    What’s great about Live casinos is that you can enjoy a certain level of interaction with the croupier as you place or spin. Often dealers well congratulate you on your winnings or commiserate you on your losses while always greeting you by your username. Alternatively, if you just want a visual experience you can toggle the sound on or offer.

    Dream Jackpot Live Casino Games

    Live Roulette is one of the oldest casino games in the book having been played in its present form since 1796, in Paris. The roulette wheel’s invention however, was sheer coincidence with a French physicist in the early 17th century attempting to invent a perpetual motion machine. Nevertheless the game evolved into the game it is today and players are encouraged to place bets on specific hot numbers, red or black, odds or evens, or specific thirds of the roulette wheel. There are a few different variations of live roulette on the Dream Jackpot platform with many having differing minimum entry requirements to play. The majority of the tables have a minimum entry amount of £5 but there are some high-roller tables that require a higher entry fee.

    Live Blackjack is another stalwart of the casino floor. The history and precise origin of the game blackjack still remains uncertain but it’s said that the game originated in French casinos in around 1700. There are many variants of the Blackjack game available on Dream Jackpot but the live version sticks to the original standardised formatting. Players must compete against the live dealer to achieve a hand of 21 or closer. Blackjack is very much a game of skill and takes a lot of consideration when deciding to hit or stand on a hand of 15. It must be noted that an ace can be worth 1 or 11 depending on what card you require.

    Dream Catcher is perhaps the newest and least understood casino game to hit the market in recent years. Our live dealers will guide you through the rules. Dream Catcher operates in a similar way to a roulette wheel in that you must place bets on certain numbers or areas of the wheel and wait to see if you’re successful. What separates Dream Catcher from the standard roulette wheel is that rather than numbers the segments of the wheel are made of multipliers. Dream Catcher offers substantial capitalising and balance increases if you win big.

    Dream Jackpot always values the safety and well-being of all our players. We always advise players to gambling responsibility and within their own limits that they have set in their account. If you’re looking to change your deposit limits this can be done in the settings section of your online account. All of our games are available across mobile, desktop, and tablet devices and a full range of deposit and payment options can be explore below.

    Dream Jackpot is your premium destination of high quality slot games. With over 500 slots, tables games and instant win scratch cards to choose from, the team at Dream has it all.