Dragons Treasure

Dragon’s Treasure
Fight fire with fire when you embark on your quest to defeat the dragon that is guarding the treasure that you seek. If you have the courage to spin through 5 reels of medieval and fantasy online slot playing fun then prepare you cash wallet as there will be a whole load of free spins and cash rewards coming your way very soon. Match up ornate swords, fierce warriors and ancient lettering to slay the dragon. Learn more on how to play online casino live games.

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About the Developer
What’s brighter than the sun? Merkur gaming that’s what. With an entree of games at their
disposal, it’s quite simple to answer the question of why their casino games are so popular: they're just too
fun. The sun on their logo is only as bright as their ideas (and trust us, they aren't lacking in that

About the Game
They spit fire and are known to be the most ferocious of beasts: dragons, there are a lot of them
that have appeared over the years both in and out of pop culture, but what people forget is just
how dangerous they can be but at the same time, just how generous they can be also. In the
Merkur gaming slot Dragon’s Treasure, you are rewarded in the best ways possible, with gold
being a very regular occurrence in a sea of variables. In order to win big you'll want to be fighting
fire with fire, and to do so involves bravery and a lot of plays on the reels which will only better
your outcome overall. The design of Dragon’s Treasure is very good at helping put across the very
mystic theme that Murkur gaming is quite clearly trying to portray. You can tell that a lot of detail
has gone into this game and that this will only add to the experience should you want to get fully
immersed in the game itself. Most dragon based games either go for a realist take on the theme
going in an either cartoonish direction or one that is ripped straight out of fantasy. This game
utilises the latter in an attempt to create an immersive experience fit for all.

After a stew of updates Merkur has recently changed the entire overhaul of the game almost from
scratch, increasing the games reels from 3 to 5 allowing for more possibilities in winning pay-lines
should the play utilise the different options available to them. the symbols themselves feature a
variety of different dragon/treasure themed tropes. Wilds, scatters, free spins and auto-play
modes are a regular if not encouraged occurrence that should be taken advantage of at every
possible avenue should they become available. This is a very traditional slot meaning that wilds
and scatters serve the same function as they do in other online slots. The symbols themselves all
provide decent rewards depending on what you are matching and where across the many
different pay-lines. In order to score high you will be wanting to place down a rather big starting
bet in order to put your best foot forward.

The Verdict
Dragons tend to carry a theme when it comes to online slot gaming. There must be something
about its ever-illusive treasures that really gets fans of online games curious as to just what lies
beyond, well we can confirm that what lies beyond is treasure and lots of it in the form of cash
prizes. Dragon’s Treasure is a fun slot that is perfect for a days worth of treasure hunting. 8/10

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Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 96.97

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