Join Ariana in this underwater themed online slot game and swim through 25 paylines of enchanted deep sea mayhem. Spin your way through 5 reels and match up underwater critters under the watchful eye of the sexy Ariana and earn yourself a huge amount of bonus spins and exciting cash rewards.

About the Developer
Although there is the word ‘micro’ in their name, don't believe for a second that this is a metaphor
for the type of developers Microgaming are. With an established catalogue of online gaming titles,
Microgaming have proven time and time again why they should be your go too game devs for
entertaining experiences of the bright and colourful side.

About the Game
There is beauty in the ocean this is true — everything from a vibrant collage of fish to the way the
ocean moves is all just something to behold. But with beauty comes mystique and intrigue, take
the mermaid Ariana for example, what treasures does she behold under the briney? Play
Microgamings 5x25 slot to find out. Dust off your snorkel and get them flippers on, it’s time for a
dip, there’s treasures to be won for the adventurous!

Ariana is a very gorgeous game to look at. Marvel at it’s washed out colours and underwater
setting. The design is a throwback to pretty much every underwater based online slot in existence,
but what this one has over the others is a take on the contemporary. Think old meets new with the
new being a step in the right direction. Ariana has 25 pay-lines, these pay-lines are fixed meaning
you cannot adjust them to personal preference. 25 pay-lines are great at finding you multiple ways
of winning high rewards so don't worry about adjusting the lines too much. Ariana has the benefit of
also possessing free spins as well as expanding symbols which are sure to be the catch of the day
for a lot of players out there!

This online slot takes place amongst some of the deepest of underwater legends there are out
there. You play within a coral reef kingdom; 5 reels just floating above the sand itself. A very
beautiful design as previously stated. The soundtrack for this game is very calming, almost tranquil
in a way. You will constantly here the sounds of the ocean shimmering and crashing as you attempt
to win some rather friendly rewards. When you win on any of the lines the symbols will glow and
light up. This is a great touch to an otherwise pretty standard game, making you appreciate the
little things on-top of much grander wins. Games can be played from as little as 25p to £125, once
you have settled on how much you are wanting to bet you simply press play and away you go.
Unfortunately this game has no bonus rounds so you’ll be looking for free games in order to win
big, scatters and wilds are lurking somewhere though so it’s not too bad if you are looking for a
different kind of mix.

The Verdict
What is it with online slots and mermaids? Could it be there fish side or their woman side that is so
appealing? Hell if we know, but what we do know is that Microgaming have created quite the fun
little slot. The colours do leave a little to be desired but the gameplay and overall theme are
enough to earn your attention. 7/10

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 95.00

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