Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

When you imagine Atlantic City a few things spring to mind, but mainly casino games. If chaotic gambling tables don’t spring to mind then you’re thinking of the wrong place. Place your bets today and explore more the wonder of this exciting table game and twist your way to Blackjack with this Atlantic City classic on our online casino.

Atlantic City Blackjack Gold is a 99.65% RTP online casino game that introduces various conventional alterations to traditional blackjack. With a wide 1 to £200 betting range, we’re certain any lovers of blackjack will love Microgaming’s 2006 release.

Microgaming – the Developers of Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

The developers of Atlantic City Blackjack Gold are Microgaming. A collective we think are, without a doubt, one of the best in the iGaming industry. They’ve created several chart-topping online casino games, positioning them as pioneers of the industry. They created the first true online casino software in 1994, and even the first mobile casino technology in 2004.

The developers of Atlantic City Blackjack Gold are the same collective that brought you online casino games like Book of Oz and Immortal Romance. They are excellent at creating slots with a popular multimedia influence, like they have some inspired by Game of Thrones and Jurassic World.

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Playing Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

Atlantic City Blackjack Gold uses 8 decks. While wagering between 1 to 200 pounds, you’re try to get a higher value hand than the dealer, whilst avoiding exceeding 21. You choose a betting amount, deal, while the dealer checks for blackjack. You have the option of insurance, rewarding you 2:1 whilst ensuring nothing gets lost in the instance the dealer does acquire a blackjack.

For your first 2 cards, you’ll initially be offered the chance to surrender, meaning you’ll vacate your hand in return for half your initial bet. You’ll only want to do this if you feel your hand has a poor chance of winning.

In Atlantic City Blackjack Gold, splitting two cards of the same denomination – so a pair – can be done as much as 3 times per game, but only once for aces. A blackjack formed from split aces is called a 21 result, and the only hand that’ll beat it is a genuine blackjack.

In this online casino game, doubling down is available on your first two cards or following a split. You’ll then draw one more additional card, and afterwards ‘stand’.

Atlantic City Blackjack Gold pays 3:2, with an RTP of 99.65%. This is quite high, meaning unlike online slots for instance, you’ll see a fairly fruitful return on all your investments.

Bonus Features and Free Spins in Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

Unlike some other blackjack games, Atlantic City Blackjack Gold gives you a strategy card. This chart is like a little ‘cheat sheet’ that’ll suggest decisions to make, based on mathematic calculations that’ll lower the house edge as much as possible.

Last Thoughts on Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

Atlantic City Blackjack Gold excellently blends traditional Blackjack conventions with advantageous alterations. Surrendering, re- splitting, and unlimited doubling down are excellent additions to a beloved gambling genre. Microgaming, as they often do, have down a top-tier job.

Verdict: We give this a 7.5/10.

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 99.00

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