Cool Buck - 5 Reel

Cool Buck
Everyone wants to be cool? Being cool is the age old phenomenon that everyone wants to master. Master the art of cool when you try your hand at Cool Buck, a slick and speedy 5 reel online slot game designed to earn you some cash to impress the ladies. Cool Buck features all the traditional fruit machine symbols along with a handy pay table to help you calculate your profits, ready to splash the cash. Learn how to play on an online casino by reading through.

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About the Developer
Opening it’s doors in 1994, Microgaming is one of the most progressive casino games companies in the
entire world. After the release of their Viper software in 2002, the company saw itself sail to new
heights to both players and their peers alike. Over the past 10 years Microgaming has paid out
more than 100 million in jackpots since it’s birth as a company; and that is just a sign of things to

About the Game
With a name like Cool Buck you would expect a rather suave and sophisticated slot, and you would
be right in thinking so. Microgaming’s history in theme driven games make this a must play from
that alone, it is clear from the outset that they wanted to create something special and a little
offbeat — we can tell you right now that they succeeded in their mission. Cool Buck is (if anything)
a meta interpretation on the value and metaphor of money. The mascot of the game happens to be
a rather chipper rolled up note of money that is looking quite sarcastic if we’re being honest (he
also has hands and feet with trainers on, the cheeky sod). Sarcastic notes aside Cool Buck is a
hybrid of a rather basic slot with an emphasis on everything vintage. The colours used in this title
are mostly based in greens and whites which reflect the colour of money itself, green is also the
colour of envy and there is going to be a lot of envious players who will see your winnings after
playing just a few spins on the many reels that cascade across the game board.

The symbols of Cool Buck are very much based on a very vintage style that will do nothing but
make you feel nostalgic. Expect cherries, bar symbols amongst others. The 3 reels make it a rather
simple slot to traverse, you need only put down a bet to see the rewards begin to flow in your
favour. You’ll find the user interface at the bottom of the screen, it’s here where you can customise
your game to fit your own personal preference as well as see all of the most important information
for each spin of the reel.

Cool Buck is a very simplistic game which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it all just depends on what
you want out of each online slot experience. If you like a vintage style online slot that plays along
with nostalgia then you will enjoy Cool Buck no questions asked.

The Verdict
If you have always wanted to be the coolest cat in town then why not do yourself a favour and play
Cool Buck, not only is it a wild ride full of action and excitement, but it also represents a game that
we can all relate to, one where all we want is to be accepted. But hey let’s not forget that this is a
truly epic game that is not only worthy of your time, but is also worthy of your attention. 9/10

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Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 94.95

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