European Blackjack Gold

The tables of Monte Carlo are calling you for a game of premium blackjack on our online casino. Hit and twist your way to a hand of 21 or beat the dealers hand and earn yourself a small fortune when you play European Blackjack Gold.

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About the Developer
Based in the Isle of Man, Microgaming is the world's leading supplier of online gaming software. As an innovator in their field, they have led the way in mobile development since 2004, producing casino games that can be enjoyed across all major gaming platforms. Having developed the first online slot for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, they have since produced a number of virtual and augmented reality games and apps.

About the Game
You just can’t beat a game of Blackjack. It’s simple, easy to pick up, yet the anticipation of the next hit and coming in at 21 or just under never gets old. Like other developers, Microgaming has joined the growing array of Blackjack games with a neat offering, European Blackjack Gold, an advanced version of this great classic. 

With Blackjack Gold players with any sized pockets can indulge and very little skill is required, just a dash of intuition and a strong nerve do you stick on 17 or order a hit on a total of 15 - what to do... What to do. Pull up a seat, take your place at the green felt table and set your bets. They start at a reasonable 1.00 climbing to an adventurous 200 per hand. The table layout is simple, therefore graphics are important to the overall look and feel of the play experience. Noted for superb graphics, Microgaming’s attention here sets the scene immediately. Your chips lie on the table to your left. Click the arrow head to the right to reveal the higher value chips. The cards are dealt from the card show sitting on the table to the right. A female vocal prompts you in game and it all plays out against the gentle lull of a piano, creating the ambiance of the UK casino.

Blackjack Gold is a single hand game using two regular card decks. Choose your chip value and click the betting space to place the bet and choose the deal option. Dealer issues himself one card, you two cards and their calculated total determines your next move. A lucky hand may see you dealt 2 Kings, total 20 your next option is to stand. The dealer will then take another card to add to his hand. The hand this is closer to 21 wins. There are other options and based on your 2 card hand apart from hit or stand, you can opt to ‘double down' where in your cards are split and now you have two hands to play. Should the dealer's hand contain an Ace, the Insurance option pops up. The dealer must stand on all 17's and unlike other versions, an Ace and a 10 does not give you an automatic 21 win. 

While most of the play and payouts are as standard Blackjack, Blackjack Gold has an added addition of a special side bet you can place. Here players bet on the possibility their first 2 cards are higher than a total of 13, lower than 13 or exactly 13. High and low bets pay out at 1:1 and the exact bet pays a tidy 10:1 - A nice addition that gives the action and excitement an extra zap! There are some nice features such as Auto-Rebet and a Quick Deal. Options can be found on the gold bar below the play area. Click this and all in game options are here allowing you to curtail the game to suit.

If you love Blackjack, this belongs in your favourites file. Addictive and enjoyable, Microgaming has got this one just right.

The Verdict
Ambient sounds and a piano lull immediately engages you. Nice graphics and sound effects,  The chip settings allow for the casual player and the high roller. Blackjack Gold is both easy and a joy to play and should attract all players that enjoy the 21 or bust format. 

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Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 99.00

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