Karaoke Party

Karaoke Party
If you don’t consider yourself to be too much of a singer but enjoy a good old sing along then you can certainly deposit some of your hard earned cash into Karaoke Party and spin the reels today. This video slot is wonderfully animated and comes with the obligatory karaoke backing track to help you really get into the karaoke spirit. Encounter the wild symbols and you could be earning up to 15 free games following each spin.

About the Developer
Microgaming: the record breaking game developers are here and in full swing, ready to give
players the types of online experiences you never forget. With titles such as Mega Moolah,
Lotsaloot and Major Millions under their belt, it’s plain to see how they have managed to create
such a reputation for themselves as one of the go too developers for winning rolls.

About the Game
We all know someone who thinks they can sing but sees only to deafen the entire room with their
drowning cat noises. Well in the Microgaming online slot: Karaoke Party, you get all of the joy and
excitement from a regular karaoke night without the terrible singing. In total there are over 150,000
coins free for the taking, you need only approach the mic (or screen in this case) and play your
heart out. This 5 reel by 9 pay-line game has a lot to offer for a range of different players. This your
first slot? Play away. This not your first time round? Play away. Not only does Karaoke Party offer a
great entry point but it also possesses some rather interesting features that is sure to get even the
shyest of singers on the stage. There a variety of different features that all offer something different
with each spin of the reels, including 15 free spins and tripled wins that will push scores above and

Karaoke Party is a 2D game that plays very well towards the theme that it has been grouped with.
This is a key factor in what can make or break an online slot if that is neglected for nothing but a
faceless game with nothing to offer, Karaoke Party is multi-faceted and offers a wide range of
different experiences with each playthrough of the game. What you see is what you get with a lot of
extra detail that is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. With every spin you will be
looking out for those wilds and scatters to multiply your score even higher, it goes without saying
but the higher the score and base bet the higher the pay-out. Karaoke Party is a 9 pay-line slot that
allows players to bet from around 9 credits to 45 depending on how much of a high roller you are

Yes this game is quite basic to look at, but is it a fun and addictive game that plays to all of your
base emotions? Yes it does. The best slots are those with heart, and this title has that in spades.
We ask you this, would you rather have a heartless cash grab? Or would you rather play an online
slot that has a fun outlook on life with the ability to make you lots of money? We know what we’d
rather play.

The Verdict
What industry giants Microgaming have managed to achieve with Karaoke Party can be best
described by the sentiment: beauty in simplicity. Microgaming chose a theme and tried their
hardest to convey that theme across different levels, levels that include graphical design choices
as well as a litany of other things that can only be understood fully by experiencing this title first
hand. 9/10

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 97.00

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