The end times are here in Archangels: Salvation, as angels battle demons for the souls of all of humanity. Good and evil thrash out their grievances in this epic battle, along with incredible design and imagery. There are several extra features that add to the excitement of this game by Net Entertainment, and the 6 reels allow for up to 100 payline possibilities at one time. The symbols have a video game feel to them, but the angel on one side of the screen and the devil on the other are serious. Which will win out? Place your bet and start spinning to find out.

About the Developer

Net Entertainment, otherwise known as NetEnt, have been working in the slot game industry for about 20 years. The expertise in their team creates flexible products that respond to the needs of their partners and players, whilst seeking to grow the company confidently and quickly. NetEnt have over 200 games currently on the market, over 1000 staff and work with over 170 casino operators world wide. They have offices in 6 different countries and recently celebrated their twentieth birthday, so make sure to check out some of their other titles, like:

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About the Game

Six long reels run the length of the screen, with and angel and a devil facing off from either side. A serious battle is about to take place, and may bring about the end of the world. Spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs are the lower value symbols, with higher value symbols depicting items necessary to fight - a helmet, a lion and various faces of good and evil figures. The same characters that appear on the sides are symbols as well, and these are the highest value available. They both take up the entire length of the reel.

There are Heaven and Hell features, which are triggered by the wilds. There are 2 different wilds - one of them is 2x2, and the other takes up a single space. The feature that is triggered depends on where the symbols land. If they are in the top 2 rows, this is Heaven. The bottom 2 rows are hell. The Scatter is a gold S on a purple background that sets off the free spin feature of 3 or more are landed. This makes both the Heaven and Hell areas larger by 1 row each, and is quite a good feature of this game.

The Verdict

The background illustrations of the angel, the devil and the worlds they live in is striking. Accompanied by a stirring soundtrack, this is a not a playful game. It creates a serious atmosphere, and some strong extra features add variation to this game. The different styles of symbols on the reels give it a sense of unpredictability. The Heaven and Hell areas and how they interact with the wild symbols is particularly interesting and makes this game even more exciting. So pick your side and see if the devil destroys the world or the angel saves it. You may just get lucky in the meantime!

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 96.08

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