Baccarat Pro - Low

Baccarat Pro Low
Enter the online casino of Las Vegas with this authentic baccarat card game experience. This game enables you to indulge in the high stakes world of special bets and added extras with the ability to view the moves of your competitors. This is as close you will get to the casino floor without leaving your own home.

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About the Developer
NetEnt (short for Net Entertainment) are known not only for their highly anticipated online slots and
casino games, but also for their pioneering attitude towards the industry itself. They lead by example with
cutting edge titles such as Butterfly Staxx and Gonzo’s Quest.

About the Game
First introduced in Europe, Baccarat has grown in popularity so much over its 500 year history to
the point that it now sits atop a mountain of the most played online games known to man. Presently
people flock from across the globe to play Baccarat (especially high rollers as this title is known to
provide some rather big pay-outs. With Baccarat Pro Low you will get the fun and excitement of the
high rollers Baccarat with the ability to bet lower while still receiving some rather juicy cash

Baccarat as we’ve already stated, is a game that has existed for quite a long time, it has even
made appearances in the 007 movie: Casino Royale amongst others. Baccarat offers players the
lowest house edges of any other table games, it’s not based on luck but actually the rules that
leave players in a sense of awe as they continue to move in and out of that stage; believing in
guardian angels and the like but in reality it’s just a really fun game to maximise potential earnings!
Like James Bond the look and feel for this online table game can only be described by one word
and one word alone: exquisite. You will genuinely feel like you are at the casino running the tables
and trying your luck, the work NetEnt have put into this title is incredible with the attention to detail
being a clear standout.

The rules of Baccarat are simple (and are clearly outlined in the gameplay of Baccarat Pro Low).
This game is perfect for first time players and those who enjoy a fun and exciting table game
similar to Blackjack. This version of Baccarat from NetEnt is a low limit version of the classic
Baccarat casino game. You play against the casino rather than other players making it a one on
one kind of affair, standard rules still apply with a 9 for 1 payout for a tie: just standard Baccarat
really. The return to player ratio for Baccarat Pro Low comes out at 98.96%, making it a high roller
game in a low rollers body!

The Verdict
Baccarat Pro Low takes all of the benefits of a high stake high reward game and mashes it
together with an experience that is sure to excite even most novice Baccarat players. It’s fast
action gameplay coupled with smart table graphics do a really good job at creating a sense of
immersion and intrigue that will catch a lot of players eyes before they initially choose to play this
online game. The rules of Baccarat Pro Low are stated clear from the outset and throughout
making it perfect for any kind of player who wishes to try something a little classic and a little new.
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Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 98.96

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