Blackjack Pro

Blackjack Pro
Join the big leagues when you stake your bets on Blackjack Pro. This is not a game for the feint-hearted so you must be prepared to bet big in the professional leagues of this online Vegas table game. Place your bets and gain a hand of 21 to blow the big sharks out of the water in an online casino

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About The Developer
With 20 years of digital entertainment experience and know-how, NetEnt are simultaneously pioneers of online slots, and experts in creating high-quality gaming atmospheres. Their talented team take pride in their work, ensuring that their customers remain informed and enlightened by the plethora of online casino games they have access to.

About The Game
In the mood for some intense casino action? NetEnt have got you covered – Blackjack Pro delivers the thrill of a fast-paced, high-fun card game, sent straight to the online casino of your choice. With cool, 3D graphics and a swanky, atmospheric soundtrack, Blackjack Pro comes complete with a competitive, charismatic dealer and a wide range of tactical betting options to increase our capacity for winning!

From £1.00 to £500, we can receive a duo of cards from which to choose our next play, bet, or simply wait and trust that a win will arrive. Blackjack Pro creates the mood, atmosphere, and dextrous thought process of a physical casino, and will even teach this classic card game to a novice.

And learning can occur quickly here in NetEnt’s online casino slot – we have the opportunity to play the dealer with three games at once, each one with a separate level of betting. Firstly, we select our wager (or wagers) by tapping the outline of the cards on the smooth, velvet table. In Blackjack Pro there is an additional betting feature built in – increasing the chance of us receiving up to a 100x stake reward even before the game really begins.

By tapping the Jack of Spades icon, to the top-left of the card icon, we can put an additional wager on the chance of a Jack card appearing first. With four decks in the game, there are 16 chances to win from the simple flip of a card! If the first card drawn is a Jack, we receive ten times our stake, if any two Jacks are drawn, it’s 25x, and if the first two cards out are the Jacks of Spades then it’s 100x our stake coming back to us! Although no Jacks being dealt results in an instant loss, these are the risks, and Blackjack Pro will give us the option to play a side bet, or not, with every round.

The rules of Blackjack are relatively simple, and anybody unfamiliar should be encouraged to familiarise themselves with the basics, or play for free, before committing to any real bet. However, the atmosphere created in the game, by the audaciously realistic SFX and excellent graphics, make this a great place to start – or continue your love for the real thing!

The Verdict
NetEnt have created a genuinely realistic casino atmosphere with their latest addition to the Blackjack series. They have certainly improved the gameplay, and the combination of graphics and audio work together incredibly well. With the side bet option, and the ability to play three rounds simultaneously, they have also increased the variety of the game. 9/10 from Dream Jackpot – but only to give them some room for improvement next time – click here to see what they can do!

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Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 99.53

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