Casino Hold'em

Casino Hold’Em
Enjoy this variation of Texas Hold’em and play against the dealer to earn yourself a significant bounty in this popular online casino table game. All players must make an initial bet but do also have the option to make a jackpot bet that contributes to the final Jackpot. Unlike other casino games you will be required to use real-life money chips.

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About the Developer

This amazing online video poker game is designed and conceived by NetEnt, a pioneering company in the industry of digital and online casino live gaming, providing game-ware to all of the greatest casinos in the world. Games just like Casino Hold’em is what made them famous and keeps them up in the tops, as they have been there for 20 years and counting. Starting from the bottom as they designed their first game with only 3 employees, they have reached the point of having 1000 employees in the team, all of them working for you to enjoy the winning feeling.. Sit back, relax and go on making the most of your luck and poker knowledge with Casino Hold’em online casino game by NetEnt.

About the Game

We all know about Texas Hold’em, at least the passionate ones among us, must have at least once played that famous casino games. Well, don’t get confused, as this one, Casino Hold’em is a slight variation of the above mentioned title, only that in this one, you get to face the dealer rather than other players. Due to the larger amount of extras, Casino Hold’em is often mentioned as a bonus version of Texas Hold’em, even though that, in essence, they are the same.

Let’s get you started on this one! First, all players must place a pre-bet. You also have the option, to place a bonus jackpot bet as well, same as the other players. All the participants, alongside the dealer, are dealing with 2 faced-down cards, often referred as hole cards in this game. Playing your card will require a bet worth 2x times your previous placed bet. So, let’s say your last bet was £5, and you are willing to play your hand, in this case, you’ll have to place a bet worth £10. Folding instead of playing is an option, but it comes with you losing your previous bet (in this case, the £5) .

At this specific stage of the game, the dealer picks 3 cards and places them in the middle of the table, all of them facing up, as you may know from Texas Hold’em game, this is called the flop. The above mentioned cards are usually referred as community cards, available for every player to see and use in order to complete their hand of five cards. Here you go, it is your turn to bet, only that at this specific time you can throw an equal amount to the pre-bet in the game. So, let’s use the above example, in this case if your pre-bet was £5, you are required to bet another fiver. You may as well feel that it is neither the time to play or fold, so this would be called a “check”, in which case you can keep playing regardless of you betting or checking. Another community card, the 4th one, will be added to the mid-table, up-facing, this being referred as the turn, allowing you to either bet or check. Once again, the betting amount should equal your pre-bet. Take in account that this will be your last bet since you enter the stage where the 5th and the final community card are going to be revealed and aligned alongside the other mid-table cards.

As the dealer will over his cards, revealing the best hand of the house as well as the other players’ hands, you should think about making your best hand using one, two of your hole cards, in combination with the community cards, facing up in the center of the table. Assuming you have a basic knowledge of poker, you can determine your best hand and bet appropriately as the game develops, so as in the end, when the dealer picks your best hand, and it tops the house’s hand, then you are in for a win.

Placing a bonus bet at the onset of the hand, you will have your hole cards checked by the dealer for him to decide either you qualify for the jackpot. This wager can bring you a winner on a lost hand.

The Verdict
Casino Hold’em from NetEnt brings the engaging experience of online poker gaming to another level of playing, this time against the house, rather than the players, with a chance of winning based on your inspiration and intuition. Just Click here to check more Poker Games.

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 98.75

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