Creature - Black Lagoon

Creature from the Black Lagoon
Immerse yourself in the nostalgia and retro feel of a 1954 black and white horror film when you play this 5 reel online casino game. The Creature from the Black Lagoon begins with a short film featuring the creature squirming out from the depths of the lagoon, click skip to begin spinning the reels and match up 1950s styled characters, oxygen tanks and binoculars to capture the creature and earn yourself a huge cash prize.

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About the Developer (NetEnt)

Founded in 1996 under the name Net Entertainment, NetEnt are among the most successful casino games providers on the market. As well as their infamous online slots NetEnt have recently developed a live dealer casino platform as well as a mobile gambling platform. Possibly the largest online slot developer yet NetEnt have slowly overtaken industry giants such as Microgaming, IGT and Novomatic, this success has allowed them to spread across the world entering jurisdictions from Europe all the way to the lucrative New Jersey market in the USA.

About the Game
I can tell you about this place. The boys around here call it “The Black Lagoon” – a paradise. Only they say nobody has ever come back to prove it.

This take on a 1954 classic horror film will deliver on that much sought after vintage feel. All graphics are based on the tale of scientists traveling down the Amazon River in which they discover a strange prehistoric creature. The four main characters of the story all reveal themselves as symbols amongst this 5 reel, 20 pay line machine. Kay, David, Carl and Lucas are all illustrated in a style that compliments the 50s-time period, joined by vintage cameras, oxygen tanks, hunting knifes and binoculars these reels are filled with retro memorabilia.

The Wild and Free Spin symbols are unmistakable in appearance but have much more variety than many online slot games. Despite the Wild card has 3 different symbols they all still serve to substitute all none bonus symbols to create a winning pay line for the player. Sticky Wild symbols and Spreading Wild symbols all help to achieve greater wins whilst playing in Free Spin mode, the combination of both can lead to large, easy cash pay outs.

To get into the Free Spins round simply match 3 or more Free Spin symbols within the 5 reels;

Land on 3 earn x10 Free Spins

Land on 4 earn x15 Free Spins

Land on 5 earn x20 Free Spins

During this mode the creature will appear, capturing the female protagonist (Kay), see her pulled to his underwater lair then receive the opportunity to save her. When a target symbol pops up, the Creature will be shot by a harpoon. Lower his health metre down to 0 to save Kay and be rewarded an additional 10x Free Spins.

The Verdict
Adaptations of movies are not a new theme for games but this refreshing look at a 50s classic takes on an entirely new era. The mix of traditional features paired with a fight and rescue mission offers up much more than any regular slot machine. The free spin rounds being converted into a story telling sequence is compelling and refreshing to play. Completely taking advantage of the digital play the animations that are triggered during any match sequence bring the game to life. Despite this video slot taking a story line from a movie, because of the decade it was produced all of the characters feel fresh and newly revived.

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Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 96.50

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