This 5 reel, 25 payline transports you back to the dawn of time when planet earth was a bubbling cesspit of underdeveloped life forms and carnivorous beasts. Enjoy the ‘evolve’ bonus game that lets you evolve through the paylines and earn your right to breed following every spin. This online casino games has a floating gameboard that’s filled with unearthly species that hover in some sort of amniotic sack that enhances the gameplay experience. Play evolution today and increase your cash balance today.  

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About the Developer
The past two decades have seen NetEnt become one of the leading providers of premium gaming within the online casino circuit. The developers at NetEnt games are proud to bring a unique and outstanding experience with every instalment. With millions of gamers worldwide from Sweden to the United States of America entrusting NetEnt to deliver a stimulating experience, it is no surprise their portfolio has grown to include a plethora of over 200 uniquely designed games. With digital entertainment as one of their primary passions, NetEnt invite you to join them in an experience of better gaming.

About the Game
Venture back to the primordial soup, when the earth was young and species were yet to be defined. In this 5- reel, 25-payline video slot players will be transported to a time beyond imagination. With a truly uniquely defined bonus game, NetEnt is rewriting history with their own take on Evolution.

Set in dark blue waters filled with the potential for life, the screen shows mossy shores and plant life beginning to flourish. The symbols throughout the game are represented by fictional creatures based on various points of the evolutionary scale. The lower-value symbols are single-celled organisms varying in complexity as they increase in significance (paired with a matching traditional playing card symbol to easily identify their values);

(10) Primo Blobulus, (J) Blobulous Astrum, (Q) Jellocus Finnum, (K) Jellocus Squidae and (A) Crustacio Springum. The higher 5 symbols are introduced as more complex beings with equally as intricate names, from lowest to highest value they are; Album Slugus, Bestla Dentum, Basilisk Hairicus, Basilisk Pluma and Draconius Rex.

While in game players should expect to find, a Wild symbol bouncing around on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. This acts as a substitute for any other none-bonus symbol to provide the player with a winning pay line. To trigger the main bonus round 3 or more Free Spin symbols should appear anywhere on the reel at once. When this does occur the Evolution Bonus Game will come forth, with the chance to win a large amount of coins for pay out. The number of Free Spins awarded will depend on the number of symbols that triggered the bonus game, 3,4 or 5 will earn 10, 15 or 20 spins respectively each with a varying multiplier attached to the winning amounts.

From each winning combination within the Free Spin round an Evolution Feature will activate, forcing the symbols to evolve to their next stage. For example, the lowest ranked single-celled organism (10) will evolve into the lowest of the high paying organisms (Album Slugus) with each symbol having a predetermined partner. This takes out the chances of winning small in a Free Spin and instead ensuring each winning spin contains the higher tiered symbols. All symbols remain in their new forms until the end of the Free Spin round, once over a meteor will crash, forcing the species to start again.

The Verdict
Despite the newly given names the symbols are easy to follow. The use of the card symbols takes out the guess work for the lower ranked symbols meaning there are only 5 ranked symbols to identify. The idea of taking a theme and pushing it to a place that combines both biological science and fantasy is a pleasure to play, the addition of the evolution based Free Spins makes the game feel fuller and more complete. In true NetEnt style it feels like both life and better gaming could begin right here.

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 96.30