French Roulette

Take a seat at the tables of Monte Carlo and immerse yourself in a the world of casino games with European Roulette. Place bets on red or black or calculate your risk when you place chips on the green zero. Enjoy this traditional table classic today and increase your balance with some huge casino wins

About the Developer
NetEnt (short for Net Entertainment) are known not only for their highly anticipated online casino slots and
games, but also for their pioneering attitude towards the industry itself. They lead by example with
cutting edge titles such as Copy Cats and Hansel and Gretel.

About the Game
You’ve heard of regular roulette, but have you ever tried its French counterpart? Noi, well then
that’s fine because we’re here to convince you that not only is this an online table game that is
worth seeking out, but it is also worth sticking around for. French Roulette is a 37 online roulette
that offers a lot of opportunities at winning across a very elaborate pay table. What NetEnt have
created with this title has once again proved reason as to why their name carries weight whenever
you see it appear on any online game as a stamp of approval. Everything from the music to the
overall presentation of French Roulette is amazing; rarely can you marvel in anything on par with
an online showcase like this and win money in doing so! The graphics themselves are very cool,
calm and collected with an emphasis on sharp, cutting edge graphics in order to create a sense of
unwinding immersion. You will often believe you are in a casino in Paris running the tables as if you
were there in person enjoying a fancy cocktail. Let’s face it, immersion is a key component in what
can bring players towards an online slot, many say that looks don't matter but that couldn't be any
farther from the truth.

Bets vary between £1 to £500 total on the table itself. There is an autoplay feature that allows
players to roll around 1,000 games off in the background as you go about your everyday business.
If you wish to stop this from spinning you need only tell it to stop by clicking on the right button.
Like most online table games, players will have access to a statistics board that will tell players
which numbers and colours are popular on the table as shown by the hot and cold meters with cold
being a non frequent number and hot describing the opposite. There is a lot to take away from this
title, many people choose to gloss over online table games as they prefer playing it in real life but
we ask you this? What is real life when it is simulated perfectly in online table games like French
Roulette? We take it your silence is that you don't have an answer for that, well good because the
question is rhetorical.

The Verdict
Enjoy playing online table games that seem to add more currency to your own personal bank
account? We take your silence as a yes. French Roulette is a great game thanks in part to the
dedication of its developers NetEnt, who have once again proved why they are such a
recognisable name in an industry of so many faces. French Roulette is as fun as it is exciting which
makes it a must play for anyone looking to play something a little off the cuff that they wouldn't
normally approach. Play now! 9/10

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 97.30

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