Pontoon Pro - High

Pontoon Pro – High
Pontoon is an exciting variation of the tradition online casino game, blackjack. This game also features the 5 card trick feature which means that you automatically win if you have a hand featuring 5 cards without going bust. This is a fun casino games online that will have you coming back for more when you go head to head with the dealer.

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About the Developer

This amazing game is designed and conceived by NetEnt, a pioneering company in the industry of digital and casino gaming, providing game-ware to all the greatest casinos in the world. Real casino simulation Games just like Pontoon Pro High is what made them famous and keeps them up in the tops, as they have been there for 20 years and counting. It is all about understanding the heritage and values of casino classics and delivering a high standard of work when it comes to delivering great titles to the public. Starting from the bottom as they designed their first game with only 3 employees, they have reached the point of having 1000 employees in the team, all of them working for you to enjoy the winning feeling. Sit back, relax and go on experiencing the real casino feeling with Pontoon Pro High virtual table game by NetEnt.

About the Game

Who doesn’t love classic social casino games? Well, it is time to play it the British way as Pontoon Pro High is the UK version of a classical masterpiece, Blackjack, that, itself is nothing more than the American variant of the French-invented casino game called Vingt-et-un, translated as twenty-one in free speech. With the last-mentioned variant being the least available in casinos, and the American Blackjack being the most famous, Pontoon makes its way through the virtual casino industry powered by the wise lads at NetEnt.

A very easy to learn game, Pontoon Pro High is a play-against the dealer title that makes use of a usual 52 cards deck, that allows you to bet stakes up to £500.If you are looking for high-quality, well designed virtual table games, then this one is for you. Although is a pro version of the game, Pontoon Pro High sticks to the same rules as you play against the house and the best hand to be held in this game is an ace and a card of 10, summing up to the value of 21, which is usually known as Blackjack. This time we will call it a Pontoon, and a hand like that will beat any other poker-like hand, so if either you or the house manage to get that 21 combination of ace and 10 then the lucky holder takes the win. If none manage to touch the best hand, then the hand that’s value is closer to 21 grabs the win. Even if this is the British version of Blackjack, there are still some significant differences between this two titles, as both of them use different nomenclatures such as Stick, Twist and Buy instead of Stand, Hit and Double, also with you only being able to Stick on a hand bigger/equal to 15, while unlucky busted hands (22 or higher) will lose regardless the outcome of the dealer’s hand of cards.

On the other side of the table, the house(dealer) must draw to 16, stick on a hard 17 and twist on a soft 17 and when it comes to splitting the cards, you can split the first 2 cards if only they have the same value. Comparing to Blackjack, Pontoon Pro High, enables you the option to re-split for 1 time only, up to three hands, including aces, at the same time featuring the option to purchase greater stakes in the hand if you hold 4 cards or less. At the same time, after Buying, you can Twist once more, this rule not being applicable in the American Blackjack.

The Verdict

This all-British casino classic is, in my opinion a much varied and fun game to play than the usual Blackjack as it engages you more into a rather strategic manner of playing, instead of a luck-related one.

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RTP: 99.66

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