Live Roulette

Online casinos always try to bring every experience a player could want, which is why there is such a huge industry for live online casino games. Enter Live Roulette – NetEnt. This game production company are usually known for their incredibly beautiful slot games. However, their experience and understanding of us players meant they knew they had to bring us Live Roulette!

Betting values vary depending on which region of the roulette table players wish to place their bets, so make sure to check each bets minimum requirements.

Although there is a lot of chance involved in Live Roulette, due to the player have control over their bet placements, there is a calculated RTP of 97.30%. Players have a chance to win some serious money with a max payout of 35:1!

NetEnt Live Roulette Theme and Graphics

When players open Live roulette netent, we are greeted with a  live host and a computer generated table, Live Roulette theme creates an emulated bricks and mortar casino, giving players access to the real experience wherever you choose!

There are a collection of different hosts to choose one as well as the operating table.

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How to Play Live Dealer Roulette 

Itching to spin Live Roulette – NetEnt? Well, before any of us can place any Live Roulette stakes, you first have to become a registered player!

  1. Click the "Play Now" Button
  2. Fill out the necessary details.
  3. Verify the account by following the email's instructions.
  4. Make the minimum deposit of £20 and claim up to £100 bonus cash and 25 free spins from Dream Jackpot!

Now that you have made your first deposit and claimed your bonus money and spins, it is time to play. We have put together a guide to help you get to grips with the game.

  1. Select the "Games" tab on the sidebar, then click "Live" on the top menu. After that, find Live roulette netent and click "Play for Real.".
  2. Use the mini lobby to left of the screen to personalise your individual experience.
    • You can change the following:
      1. Operating Table
      2. Dealers
  1. Next, check the paytable to see the payout levels. You can find this in the information tab along with the game rules and game history – it is good to accustom yourself with all of this information.
  2. After you have everything set up, it is time to decide which bet to place and the amount for each bet. There are a lot of different betting strategies to consider with Live Roulette mechanics allowing players to try and play the odds, so take your time.
  3. Place your bets!

Now that all the bets are down, there are controls to the right hand side, allowing players to withdraw their bets if they wish. This control area also gives players the ability to re-stake the previous bet for the upcoming spin.

NetEnt's Roulette Data

RTP – Live roulette netent has a calculated RTP of 97.30%

Maximum Payout – NetEnt's Roullete game has a max payout of a 35:1 ratio. This means that with a £20 bet, players would receive £700 as well as their initial bet back!

With roulette having so many variables at play, it is difficult to fully quantify anything into hard data, however, there are some relevant Live roulette netent stats, which give you a quick understanding of this game.

Betting Range – The minimum bets will vary depending on which type of bet you choose to make. However, the minimum bet in Live roulette netent is £1 and goes up to an insane max bet of £50,000!

Live roulette netent Statistics
Min Bet Per Spin £1
Max Bet Per Spin £50,000
Return To Player (RTP) 97.30%
Theme Live / Roulette

Exclusive Features

Although this is a Live Roulette, NetEnt has given players a few Live Roulette bonus features to try and give you an edge and a little extra fun whilst you play.

Hot and Cold Indicator

While knowing what has been before is no way to know what is coming, some players use previous winning numbers to help guide their future bets with an accumulative odds strategy.


On top of the standard roulette table, Live roulette netent also provides players with a racetrack to bet on.

Player Chat

Live roulette netent offer players the ability to really become apart of the community by giving us the facility to talk with other players as we place our bets!

Overall Review

This game is a perfect example of what a live casino game should be. The control is put in the players hand, not only do you have a choice over the dealer that you have, but there is also the ability to customise all kinds of settings.

Everything Live roulette netent has to offer, creates a real sense of the bricks and mortar casino experience that players look for!

Here at  Dream Jackpot, we rate Live Roulette a 9/10 experience! Make a minimum deposit of £20 today and claim up to £100 bonus cash and 25 free spins!

Live Roulette FAQs

Roulette is a hugely popular game, because of this many players will have questions about it, so we have answered a few of them here.

How To Win Roulette

There are hundreds of different strategies to win roulette, none are guaranteed, but placing bets that cover more numbers will increase the odds of winnig, although this means a reduction in the payout level.

Is Online Live Roulette Rigged?

Thankfully, we don't live in the wild west. Some players out there claim that casinos rig live games. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Casino game providers are held to strict operating rules and are required to be fully licenced to ensure that the games are as fair as possible.

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 97.30