Secrets of Christmas

Secrets of Christmas
I can’t believe it, the secret is out, after many years of global Christmas tradition, Santa has been outed as the founder and manager of a Christmas themed 5 reel slot game. Don’t worry though, he intends to put all his money back into his workshop to make better toys for his willing children. Enjoy this festive themed online slot anytime of the year. December or June, anything goes.

About the Developer
Known for their own take on the online slot and online casino game market, NetEnt continues to
make new strides everyday in every digital entertainment avenue they see fit. NetEnt offers a wide
range of titles for every occasion, from online table games to online slots, so much to play and so
little time.

About the Game
Christmas themed online slots seem to be all the range throughout the online gaming stratosphere.
There are many reasons for this with the main catalyst being the joy Christmas brings to a lot of
people around the world. Well now that joy can continue in the form of NetEnts Secrets of
Christmas 5x3 reel online slot! It’s the gift that keeps on giving, but we're sure you'll see that for
yourself sooner rather than later. Whether you have been good or bad this year, it doesn't matter,
in this game you are rewarded through smart decisions across the reels to receive your very cosy
cash prize presents that nestle safely under the tree.

NetEnt’s Secrets of Christmas features a very simple layout. 25 fixed pay-lines mean that it’s a
game of strategy and looking out for key combinations on the fly. An autoplay mode is also a
worthwhile feature, allowing you to run games off in the background should you be busy with other
activities in real life or simply just wish to take a break. Secrets of Christmas can be played on both
mobile and desktop devices, allowing you to take the spirit of xmas with you wherever you may go.
Both offer a different type of experience depending on what you are really into when it comes to
online slot games, but even so, Secrets of Christmas ticks many boxes that a lot of fans have for
this type of slot.

The design of this game is set in a very winter wonderland, a wooden cabin in the snow plays as
the backdrop to this game with the reels being framed by wreathes of holly, a nice touch for a
game that is meant to cause an influx of jolly emotions. What NetEnt have managed to achieve
visually is enough of a reason for you to try this title alone. Secrets of Christmas has but one
feature: a free games feature that allows the player to reach even higher up the christmas tree in
order to gain a much higher score. These free games are activated through the matching of scatter
symbols in winning pay-lines. There is a lot of these to go around so keep sharp and you'll find
your path to the free games.

The Verdict
This game is nothing short of a Christmas miracle, there is so much to see and do no matter the
season. NetEnt have managed to craft such an experience that it transcends just another xmas
game. If you enjoy a slot that tugs on the heart strings then play Secrets of Christmas, trust us it is
well worth your time. 9/10

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 96.70

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