Warlords:Crystals of Power

Conquer the warlords and earn your riches in a game that mixes illusion and power in this 5 reel online slot. Take your aim and siege the habitations of the ancient barbarians, and the monasteries of the sombre priest and steal the huge amount of treasure and bonus wilds on offer in this medieval online slot game.

About The Developer

There are 20 years’ worth of award winning excellence behind every online slot game released by these mammoths of the online casino market – NetEnt. Always ahead of the curve, and developing new and enlightening ways to entertain their global fan base, NetEnt are legendary providers of some of our most cherished casino game solutions. This quality is secured by their industry know-how, creativity, and innovation.

About The Game

Prepare for an epic encounter, a trail of dangerous, wild beasts, and some of the most legendary wins in online casino gaming. Warlords: Crystals of Power, is a 5 reel, 30 payline online slot game that follows the story of three fabled warlords; a highly-trained and dangerous Samurai, a mystical, beautiful Priestess, and a battle-hardened Barbarian.

It is obvious from the outset that NetEnt have put some significant effort into the detail of this online game – the graphics are outstanding, and the intro video is worth a watch even before we arrive at the reels. The sound effects and audio are suitably dramatic, and the combination of all these different aspects creates quite an intense, engaging atmosphere –this isn’t a slot game for the faint-hearted!

Each of the main characters have a prime colour, red for the Samurai, green for the Priestess, and blue for the Barbarian respectively – and each one has its own Scatter symbol, which affects the number of Free Spins we are rewarded with, plus additional bonuses like Extra Wilds and Enhanced Multipliers.

Similarly, the regular Wild symbol, a Golden Ornament, can be joined on the reels by randomly activated Wilds related to each of the three characters, and subsequent extra Bonus Features, again, varying depending on the character the bonus relates too.

One of the many excellent features built into the game is that when different Free Spin symbols land on the reels, a little fight will ensue until all the Free Spins are the same colour – this is the Battle feature, and makes great use of the excellent visuals and animations.

With our involvement in the world of the Warlords starting at just £0.01 and going up to £100.00, we can take this epic fight as seriously as we like, or simply sit back and watch them battle it out for themselves while we have a low-level spin or ten for fun. With the number of bonus features built into the game, as soon as the Wilds and Free Spins start landing, we’re in for rewards as epic as the Warlords themselves!

The Verdict

At Dream Jackpot, we really appreciate it when a game developer goes to all the effort of creating genuine gaming atmospheres – and NetEnt have put a lot of work into this one for us! Warlords: Crystals of Power combines excellent visuals and audio with great, fast-paced gameplay and a plethora of exciting, rewarding bonus features. Whichever character you most relate too, with all three of them carrying an assortment of bonus rewards, you’ll be sure to support all three of them once the game is finished! 9/10.

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 96.89

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