Royal Masquerade

All dressed up and nowhere to go? Play'GO cordially invites you to a night of mystery and romance at a baroque costume ball in Royal Masquerade.

A date with royally! Best dress up for this one if you want to impress!

Many of us dream of the life of luxury but not all of us are going to see it through! Those that break through this glass ceiling will be those who are dedicated, the sorts of people who are likely to play Royal Masquerade for hours on end and make some serious cash! This slot plays out over a 5x3 grid, a rather simple game matrix compared to a lot of other slots out there!

Secrets lie behind every spin and corner which will no doubt inspire a lot of players to continue spinning for hours on end! Be sure to check out the rest of the review below for more information on this spectacular slot!!

About the Developer: Play n’ Go

Developer Play n’ Go is one of those developers who just continue to put out nothing but top quality content on a regular basis! The slots they put out are nothing short of phenomenal especially if you are comparing their games to a lot of the fodder that exists out in the industry presently.

Play n’ Go simply allow you to do that as most of their slots are mobile optimised who which means you can play them wherever and earn just as much money in the process! Slots in their catalogue are quite varied, but if you are looking for a few to check out we’d recommend the following:

  • Iron Girl
  • Speed Cash
  • Tower Quest
  • And many, many more!

About the Game/Additional Features

In this slot, you are going to be matching various different masks and classy symbols, all of which offer something different score-wise depending on how you play and the amount of cash you set down before each game. Keep in mind that bigger combinations will spell more victories here also. There is a jackpot found here also that will often loom in the distance, just remember to play often enough and you should earn this jackpot naturally! Here’s but a few additional features found in this one:

  • Wilds: Wild symbols work in a very distinct way indeed. Match certain symbols on the board and they will substitute themselves for much higher symbols outright. Wilds also come with a big boost to your scores too which will definitely help you in making the most money possible!
  • Free Spins: Free spins come with added multipliers, thats why they’re so revered. Free spins are a great way of getting massive scores in an instant, we personally can’t get enough of them and hope you use them when stringing wins together!

The Verdict

Royal Masquerade is a very fun online slot that comes with a lot of perks indeed. If you are looking to make a fair bit of coin on some very fun reels, then you will find that Royal Masquerade has got you covered! Play n’ Go have yet another hit on their hands it seems! Check it out today!

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 96.52

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