Lucky Gems

Summary of Lucky Gems

A few years back, when online casino first started out, not many people had mobile phones. They weren’t very popular because quite frankly they were not very good. People used to only play slot machines either in the casino, at the pub, or occasionally on desktop computers.

You could have your computer or laptop wired up to the modem in the evening and play some slot machines, which would have taken an hour to load and then when eventually it did come to life the graphics would be rubbish and the game no fun.Nowadays, the tables are turning. You can play slot machines on all of your devices, whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone or a notebook. In fact, some slot machines are ONLY available to play on mobile devices, through apps etc., and Lucky Gems is one of those.

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Playing Lucky Gems

As mentioned, Lucky Gems is a video slot game that you can only play on mobile devices, which means mobile phones or tablets are usable for the most part, but seem the disclaimer at the bottom of this article below the mentions of jackpot casino for thought.

That aside, Lucky Gems is a real fun slot game available at jackpot casino online Dream Jackpots. It’s low volatility which means it’s quite relaxed, the graphics are super nice and look great on a small or medium sized display such as in a smartphone or a tablet.

Bonus Features and Free Spins in Lucky Gems

The Wild Hole bonus feature in Lucky Gems is one of the best bonus features of all the slot games at jackpot casino Dream Jackpot. It’s kind of like another whole game within the game where you have to get the ball into the hole. In doing so, the hole will reward you with a random prize, and this can be anything between a random hole or a multiball.

On either side of this hole there are a couple of sunshine features with extra holes and every time the ball falls into one of those holes then a counter ticks up and you can trigger a whole bunch of extra multi balls in the process of this.

Our Take on this Online Slot Called Lucky Gems

Lucky Gems is available to play at jackpot casino games Dream Jackpot. Dream Jackpot is a jackpot casino online where you can play slot games such as Lucky Gems, and there are a whole wealth of other choices available to play at jackpot casino Dream Jackpot also.

Just make sure that the mobile device you are planning on using is compatible with this slot. Some older devices may not be compatible with it but most iOS and Android devices should have no problems here.

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 96.00

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