King Colossus

Stake your claim in a slice of some of King Colossus great wealth when you play this exhilarating 5 reel online slot game and match the diamonds and rubies to win yourself some significant cash rewards and free spin bonuses when you challenge the King today. You can also see our online casino homepage for more info.

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About the Developer
Swedish developers Quickspin, are known across the online gaming stratosphere as a company
with style as well as substance across many of their own personal titles. Although the company
hasn't been around as long as your more popular casino games devs, this does not detract from the fact
that what they produce is incredible and highly integral to the future of this industry. Now that is a
big claim to make but the decisions Quickspin have made already, is sure to set them apart for
many years to come. The future is bright, and Quickspin are the future.

About the Game
With such a prestigious title like King Colossus you expect the works, well you’d be right in thinking
that because Quickspin have managed to put together quite the fun little slot for you to enjoy at
your own pace. The aim of the game is to match as many symbols in repeat succession as
possible in order to win some rather extensive cash prizes. In order to reach your goals you will
want to be hitting those free games as much as possible. Using these free games to maximise
your scoring for each individual base symbol is never bad thing, especially when you take into
account the base bet and the ways in which you can manipulate that base score in the free games
feature overall.

As far as looks go, this title is very much on the prestigious side. The outline of the game board is
of solid gold and the symbols themselves look like they were carved from granite blocks. All
symbols are displayed on a royal blue background thus adding to the overall theme that Quickspin
are trying to convey overall. You will see us mention Quickspin a lot in this text but that is only
because of how much they should be commended in creating an online slot like this, it is equal
parts fun as well as a treat on the eyes. The soundtrack of King Colossus will match your
ambitions: one that is full of royalty and prestige.

Since the 25 pay-lines of King Colossus are fixed in place, players will find that their scores are
limited to fixed winnings. If you choose to switch modes and play in the expert mode then those
pay-lines are extended to 40 which will give you even more options to choose from. King Colossus
is your classic 5x3 setup, with 5 spinning reels pressing against 3 symbols across the board. Each
symbol will bag you a different base score depending on how many are included in the winning
pay-line. There are hundreds of ways to play and many different ways to win, this is just on elf the
benefits of playing a slot that cares about the players outcome.

The Verdict
King Colossus is probably Quickspin’s best online slot yet, harkening back to times of old with slots
that played to a particular theme. Fun graphics, fun gameplay and endless streams of enjoyment
can be found from King Colossus, and lets face it, who doesn’t enjoy that? Or maybe you're just an
all year round scrooge who knows…. 8/10

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Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 96.57

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