Snow Wild and the 7 Features

Play Snow Wild and the 7 Features for BIG adventure and even BIGGER WINS!

Any fans of the classic Disney movie out there? This will no doubt be the slot for you!

Welcome to Snow Wild and the 7 Features, an online slot from the minds over at Red Tiger Gaming. This mobile optimised online slot is the gift that just keeps on giving, especially if you are a fan of the original movie and slots that can’t help but give you chance after chance in order to make some serious coin! This is a 3x5 game, one that is chocked full of fun!

You don’t even have to be a fan of Snow White in order to appreciate this one, you simply need to be willing to be taken on a rocking ride! If you want to learn more about this online slot then be sure to read the rest of the review below!

About the Developer: Red Tiger Gaming

You’ll spot their logo anywhere instantly, it’s become iconic at this point. Developer Red Tiger Gaming has been on the warpath as of late in the online gaming world, having put out countless hit after hit with no signs of slowing down! Their slots always have a unique twist/edge to them that makes them seeking out! In the case of Snow Wild and the 7 Features that twist is that this is a rock chick version of Snow White! They’ve been around the industry long enough to do whatever they want (and have it be successful). Slots in their catalogue include:

  • Fortune Fest
  • Magic Gate
  • Mega Jade
  • And many, many more!

About the Game/Additional Features

This is Snow White like you’ve never seen her before! She appears to have been listening to a lot of rock music in her spare time, it looks like her taste in music has also rubbed off on the dwarves given their outfits and facial expressions. We love it when developers try something a little different with a dated theme, it keeps things interesting and fun in this case. This game has a very high RTP percentage (96%) which will no doubt inspire players to spin forever more! Additional features include:

  • Lucky Wheel: The 7 Features element here arrives via the wheel of chance found in-game. Spin the wheel and be rewarded handsomely! For example, land on Dozy and hell cause the symbols on the reels to move around in different patterns, adding more wins to your pockets in the process.
  • Snow Wild: A clear favourite on the wheel, land on Snow Wild herself and she’ll activate multiple dwarf features at once! Just think of the amount of money you’ll earn from only a couple of spins with this in play!

The Verdict

Snow Wild and the 7 Features is a very unique slot to say the least, one that takes a classic theme and turns it on its head. Thank you Red Tiger Gaming for giving us something completely new and fresh (the lucky wheel is worth the price of admission alone)!  

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 96.03

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