Frog Grog

Enter the slimy 5 reel underworld and try your luck at defying the loathsome old toad who guards the online casino treasure. Concoct a range of potions in the sorcerer’s cupboard and find the perfect ingredient to unleash a cacophony of free spin bonuses and cash rewards in this beautifully animated slot game. Frog Grog also allows the opportunity to multiply your bonus by up to seven times your original stake.

About the Developer
You’d think that the name Thunderkick was the name of an online slot featuring some rather robotic
rabbits, well you'd be mistaken. Thunderkick is a game developer that cares — with an already
heaving pile of casino games including: Bork the Berserker, Full Moon Romance and Barber Shop Uncut,
the sky is indeed the limit with this company.

About the Game
Want to get your hands nice and slimy while reaching for some gold? Then why not play Frog Grog
from Thunderkick and you might just find a certain jackpot that is exclusive to those that like to get
their hands nice and dirty. Frog Grog is probably one of the most off beat titles we've had the
pleasure of reviewing. Yes it’s weird in its own unique way, and yes it is themed from slime and all
of that juicy goodness but the main question you should be asking is: is this fun that will make me a
lot of money. Short answer yes, yes it will and you should no doubt play it. This 5 reel by 23 payline
slot machine that offers something known as ‘Dropping Symbols’ with multipliers that can stack
anywhere up to x7. On-top of that you also have wild frog symbols as well as a mystery bonus
game that is sure to make anyone a fan, all that’s required is a sense of willing; go against the
curve and see what you might find.

Now we know what you're thinking, when you think of online slots, frogs aren't usually what comes
to mind. However, when you see how well this game runs maybe you’ll change your mind. Frog
Grog takes place inside what looks to be a sorcerers cabinet. We can only assume that the frog
featured in the title of this game is an ingredient in whatever this wizard is planning which is not
only cruelty to animals but also goes against everything you should stand for, frogs may be unappealing
to look at but they're cool, ribbit. Players are cordially invited to spin the reels
themselves with many symbols taking the shape of various curios that you might see in a cauldron
full of magic. There are 23 pay-lines for the player to experiment with. The bets themselves can be
set from as little as 10p up to £100 per game. There are many opportunities for you to win on these
reels with each symbol offering a different pay-out depending on what is being matched and just
how many are in the winning line.

The Verdict
If anything we need more games like Frog Grog to push the boundaries of what customers are
looking for in their online slots. So many push for that generic cut and paste theme that it does
become tiresome for those who only want to step into something immersive for a short while. Just
remember to don your wacky hat and to not take this one too seriously. 8/10

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 96.10

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